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ENEOS Sustina - a fully synthetic engine oil made with cutting-edge technology! For you who want to keep the engine life of your car for a long time, SUSTINA is an example of the high-tech formulas of ENEOS. Creating an oil that satisfies both drivers and cars, and the planet, SUSTINA adheres to three basic principles: Keeping the engine clean - ENEOS 'patented technology preserves additive quality for a long time and low sulfur content enhances cleaning properties of oil. Long lasting engine reliability and durability - Reduces friction inside the engine thanks to friction-controlling cleaning additives. Optimal engine performance in accordance with environmental requirements - the extremely high viscosity index significantly improves the fuel performance under all driving conditions. ENEOS Sustina provides excellent protection thanks to W BAZE & ZP TECHNOLOGY. W BAZE - the highest quality synthetic base oil in the world, providing high fuel economy and excellent engine performance. ZP TECHNOLOGY - an original additive technology used solely with SUSTINA oils, ensures long engine life and reliability, minimizes the presence of sulfur in the oil and provides a reliable and long lasting cleaning of the fuel mixture.

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Our easy-to-use OIL SELECTOR oil selection tool will give you expert advice that meets or exceeds the specification contained in your vehicle manual. Choose the right oil and give your vehicle exceptional protection against engine wear, sludge and debris protection, potential fuel economy benefits.
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How important is your car to you? If the engine is its heart, then engine oil is his blood. Both your life and the life of the car and its engine depend on the quality of the oil. The main role of motor oil, whether used in engines of cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks or ships, is to prevent the wear of contacting metal surfaces due to friction between them. The oil cleans the engine and maintains a thin lubricant on the moving parts. And all this at high temperatures and high pressure. The wide temperature amplitudes to which the oil is exposed, the distance traveled by the vehicle, the duration and operating speeds, longer switching intervals, and even local climatic conditions should only give us the correct answer: choosing the right oil for your engine does not must be left to chance. That's why we in OMNICAR BG and our specialists are here to help you make the best choice.
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